• Angela Morgan

Buy Art? Absolutely!


Why purchase a piece of art? The shortest answer is because you like it.

At this time, in the early summer of 2020, we all find ourselves living in a very trying, stressful time, and I cannot think of a better time in which to purchase a piece of art, either as a gift to yourself or for someone else.

That art piece, whether it is a lovely little painting or an exquisite black and white photograph, is a total reflection of who YOU are.

Do you want to demonstrate that you are totally with it? Demonstrate your love of the sea? That you love gardening and flowers or vegetables? That you adore children, animals?

A well-crafted painting can lift spirits, can have a calming influence, or can make you reflect on a period of time long ago. It can have a calming, creative, or enlivening influence on all who view it.

Above all, purchase what you like, not what somebody else advises. Buy the colors that you absolutely adore, not because they will go with your couch. That becomes a recipe for long-term failure. That couch will not last nearly as long as your painting.

Buy for longevity, remembrance, happiness. Your taste may change over the years, but you will find that contemporary art, post-Impressionist art, traditional art all mingles together very well. They all appreciate one another. Each one will show the other off.

Angela Morgan