DUST OF EVERYDAY LIFE – Picasso

Fairhope Artist Angela Litchfield Morgan finds that a great deal of inspiration comes readily along the Gulf Coast. A walk along the beach reveals the stunning beauty and essence of the area: The happiness and relaxation of the beach vacationer; the skill of the sailor and his connection to the sea; the natural beauty that is found in the tidal areas, bays and waterways all along the coastline. The area promotes the somewhat ridiculous urge to want to paint or photograph just about everything.

She is an oil painter and prefers to use a brand made in France by Charvin. This is a paint that affords longevity to any painting. It is highly refined and mixed with non-darkening poppy oil. Many of her paintings are painted with a palette knife, and she finds this brand to be highly adaptive to this technique.

Her paintings can be found at the Fairhope Art Gallery and at the Coastal Art Center in Orange Beach, Alabama. Take a look at her website and enjoy seeing a variety of Gulf Coast art, featuring lively beach scenes and coastal vistas, all painted in premium French oils.

“It is so rewarding to know that my paintings may be passed on to the next generation; paintings that resurrect happy memories, bring comfort, strike a chord.”